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Two crane beams manufactured for a metal fabrication plant

In August of this year, two bridge overhead cranes (beam cranes) were manufactured at a Kyiv Crane Machinery Plant LLC for one of the Ukrainian enterprises, the main focus of which is the production of metal structures.

In a joint discussion of the terms of reference by Kyiv Crane Machinery Plant LLC employees and representatives of the Customer, the basic requirements for crane beams were determined, namely:

  • minimal lateral hook approaches;
  • crane base;
  • installation of additional safety devices;
  • the ability to control the crane using a radio control system.

All of the above requirements were met due to the timely completion of crane equipment and ready-made standard solutions in the production of single-girder bridge overhead cranes. The use of a two-speed engine for moving the crane will accurately position the load, and also increase the resource of the brake system, wheel group and crane tracks.

A closed-type trolley current lead is used to connect a crane beam to an electric power source. This solution to the crane equipment will provide high security and almost completely eliminate the possibility of unexpected stops.

Main technical characteristics of the crane KMO-10.0-16.5-10.0-A5

  • carrying capacity - 10 t;
  • lifting height - 10.0 m;
  • crane span - 16.5 m;
  • lifting and lowering speed - 6 m/min;
  • speed of movement of the cart - 20 m/min;
  • crane movement speed - 40/10 m/min;
  • group operating mode according to ISO or GOST - A5 (medium).

Complete set of supplied crane equipment

  • wire rope type MT, end beams, movement and lifting gear motors - manufactured by Podem (Bulgaria);
  • electrical equipment - manufactured by Schneider Electric (France);
  • span bridge (box beam of welded construction) - manufactured by Kyiv Crane Machinery Plant LLC (Ukraine).

Additional equipment

  • limit switch of raising and lowering;
  • limit switch of movement of the crane;
  • trailer switch of movement of a waist;
  • thermal protection of the lift engine;
  • pendant control panel;
  • radio control system
  • current supply to the crane - closed trolls.

Both crane beams are mounted, passed test tests and are currently successfully used for lifting and moving metal workpieces, as well as finished metal structures at the Customer’s enterprise.