Crane Maintenance

OOO "Kiev factory of PTO" carries a full range of maintenance and service of cranes.

Maintenance and service of lifting equipment provides:

  • always ready for use;
  • job security;
  • the elimination of the causes of premature wear, malfunction and failure of nodes and mechanisms;
  • extension of the reserve maintenance periods.

For each type of lifting mechanism, in accordance with regulatory guidelines, developed instructions and schedule maintenance.
Maintenance intervals lifting device is recommended to observe under any conditions and at any time of the year.
Maintenance is carried out depending on the operating conditions and the type of lifting devices, but is usually divided into two types:

  • TO 1 - the first periodic maintenance. In most cases performed after 200 m / hours mechanism. Activities include monitoring, adjustment and adjustment of the main components and assemblies (the mechanism of movement, rope-block system, brake system, safety equipment, electrical equipment
  • TO 2 - the second periodic maintenance. Running every 600 m / hours of operation mechanism includes the maintenance №1. Activities include monitoring, adjustment and adjustment of all components and assemblies (test metal, flexible joints, bolted joints, movement mechanism, rope-block system, safety equipment, electrical equipment).