Products and services Kyiv Crane Machinery Plant LLC

Today the Kyiv Crane Machinery Plant LLC is the leading Ukrainian enterprise for the production of lifting crane equipment. Our company designs and implements "turnkey" standard and non-standard projects for almost all industries, construction and transport – from the design stage to installation and post-warranty service of various types of cranes.

All cranes manufactured at our plant are distinguished by excellent quality and increased reliability, thanks to the use of the latest innovative technologies in their production process, as well as their complete set of mechanisms and devices from leading European manufacturers in their industries. It is also worth noting that all our cranes fully meet the requirements of European directives and standards in the field of safety of electrical equipment, machines and mechanisms.

At the same time, the prices for Kyiv Crane Machinery Plant LLC crane equipment, made to order, taking into account all the requirements and wishes of our customers, in most cases are lower than the cost of standard similar products offered by other suppliers!

We offer for sale at the manufacturer's price:

  • bridge cranes - single-girder and double-girder, suspended and supporting;
  • suspended and supporting crane beams;
  • gantry cranes;
  • light gantry cranes (mobile);
  • grab cranes;
  • cantilever-slewing cranes;
  • explosion-proof cranes.

In addition, Kyiv Crane Machinery Plant LLC offers design and installation:

  • crane runways for all types of cranes;
  • crane trestles.

Also, the specialists of our plant carry out the transfer of cranes from traditional control methods (using a wired remote control or from the cabin) to a remote method using a radio control system.

Telphers, hand hoists, spare parts and other accessories for cranes

Kyiv Crane Machinery Plant LLC is the official partner of a number of leading European companies, thanks to which it is ready to sell their products at the lowest possible prices in Ukraine:

  • electric hoists (telphers);
  • hand gear and worm hoists;
  • load-driven trolleys;
  • assembly and traction mechanisms;
  • manual winches;
  • spare parts for telphers;
  • current leads to cranes;
  • traverses.

Floor lifting and transport equipment

Kyiv Crane Machinery Plant LLC offers inexpensively new and used floor lifting and transport equipment of Japanese and Western European production:

  • diesel forklifts;
  • gas / petrol forklifts;
  • electric forklifts;
  • high-rise stackers (reach trucks);
  • transfer trolley.

The prices for forklifts and other equipment are – optimal, if there is a shortage of working capital, any equipment can be leased to buyers!