Dear colleagues, friends!

First of all, thank you for your interest in the production of «Kyiv Crane Machinery Plant LLC».
We specialize in the manufacture, installation and service of professional lifting equipment.
We offer only quality and reliable packaging crane equipment of leading world manufacturers: PodemCrane AD (Bulgaria), Demag Cranes & Components (Germany), Schneider Electric (France), OMIS (Italy), By Carpel (Italy), CMAK (Turkey), FELS (France)
Main nomenclature of the equipment:

  • Gantry cranes with lifting capacity up to 50 tons (TU U 29.2-21674530-006: 2005)
  • Gantry cranes with lifting capacity up to 10 tons (TU U 29.2-22959884-009: 2004)
  • Electrical overhead traveling crane hook, grab and special load-carrying capacity up to 50 tons (TU U 29.2-21674530-012: 2006)
  • Cranes single-beam suspension up to 20 tons (TU U 29.2-21674530-017: 2006)
  • Cranes single-beam support up to 20 tons (TU U 29.2-21674530-008: 2005)
  • Jib cranes KS-1 (TU U 29.2-21674530-038: 2009)
  • Cantilever-rotary lifting capacity up to 5,0t (TU U 29.2-21674530-018: 2006)
  • Lifts freight GHG (TU U 29.2-21674530-044: 2011)
  • Jacks electric rope and chain (PodemCrane AD, Bulgaria)

Due to its structure, the corresponding units of «Kyiv Crane Machinery Plant LLC» renders services on delivery, installation and commissioning of the crane equipment with subsequent commissioning, repair and reconstruction of cranes in order to change settings, to restore their resource and extending the safe operation .

During the time elapsed since the founding, we have earned a reputation as a reliable partner in a wide range of our customers. Among our clients:

  • Metallurgical companies: PJSC «Mariupol plant them. Ilyich ", OJSC" Enakievo Metallurgical Works ", PJSC" Dnieper Metallurgical Plant them. Dzerzhinsky ", PJSC" ArcelorMittal ", LLC" Novovolynsk foundry. "
  • Fuel and energy complex: SE "Naek" Energoatom ", OJSC" Ukrnafta ", mines, enterprises and the power companies of the" DTEK. "
  • Machine-building plants: PJSC "Novokakhovsky plant" Ukrhydromekh ", JSC" Motor Sich ", SE" Darnytskyi car-repair plant "SE" Electrotyazhmash ", PJSC" Druzhkovka Engineering Plant ", JSC" Pervomaisky Electromechanical Plant them. Karl Marx "
  • GOK "Southern Mining", "Northern Mining", "Mezhdurechensk GOK"
  • Transport companies: SE "Ukrainian Railways", State Enterprise "Boryspil International Airport", LLC "Lemtrans" KP "Kiev underground".
  • Enterprises of chemical and processing complex: OJSC "Crimean Soda Plant", PJSC "Ukrgrafit", LLC "Glukhovtsy kaolin plant" PJSC "Podolsky cement", LLC "Globinskiy processing plant."

«Kyiv Crane Machinery Plant LLC» is a regular participant of thematic exhibitions and conferences in the field of crane equipment. Our specialists will modernize and improve the design of the crane, to offer you the best solution in terms of price and quality.

To order a valve according to your technical specifications just contact us.
We hope for fruitful cooperation.

With respect,
«Kyiv Crane Machinery Plant LLC»
Alex Sevastyanov