The specialists of «Kyiv Crane Machinery Plant LLC» perform installation and commissioning of all types of lifting equipment.
Workforce consists of highly qualified specialists with appropriate qualification and extensive experience in the installation and commissioning of the crane equipment.

After completing the installation and commissioning of the crane to the customer is given a complete set of documents on the work carried out in accordance with the requirements NPAOP-0.00-1.01-07 "Rules of construction and safe operation of cranes", namely:

  • A copy of the authorization at the beginning of works of increased danger.
  • The program works on inspection of the crane.
  • Act crane and survey of existing structures.
  • The act of visual and instrumental inspection of the crane.
  • Conditions Survey Act crane operation.
  • Technical requirements for the installation and repair of crane metallokonstruky.
  • The technology of installation work.
  • crane erection Act.
  • crane electrical equipment installation Act.
  • Crane Test Act idle and under load.

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