Having relevant units, Kyiv Crane Machinery Plant LLC, provides services in the structure:

  • manufacture of cranes and crane components;
  • shipping crane at your facility;
  • designing aerial and ground gantry rails;
  • fabrication and installation of crane runways and crane platforms;
  • installation of cranes (overhead, gantry g / n to 50,0t)
  • commissioning equipment crane followed by commissioning;
  • diagnostics and fault detection cranes, technical project preparation and budget for repairs;
  • repair of cranes (metal structures, machinery and electrical equipment);
  • repair and leveling of crane runways;
  • reconstruction of cranes;
  • servicing of cranes.

All work is done on the basis of:

  • Permissions Territorial Administration №4114.12.32
  • TU U 29.2-21674530-010: 2006 "Cranes. Mounting and dismounting "
  • TU U 29.2-21674530-001: 2003 "Construction cranes and lifts the metal. Overhaul "
  • TU U 29.2-21674530-015: 2006 "Mechanisms of cranes. Repairs"
  • TU U 29.2-21674530-024: 2007 "Electrical equipment of cranes and machines. Repairs"
  • Requirements NPAOP 0.00-1.01-07 "Rules and safe operation of cranes"
  • PUE "Rules for Electrical Installation"