Explosion proof cranes

«Kyiv Crane Machinery Plant LLC» together with Podem AD (Bulgaria) produces an explosion-proof crane (EPC crane) bridge single-girder and double-beam according to the requirements:

Explosion-proof crane (EPC crane bridge) is completed:

  • EPC crane or crane trolley of explosion-proof execution of M ... Ex or MT ... Ex series produced by Podem AD (Bulgaria);
  • EPC end beam type G ... Ex produced by Podem AD (Bulgaria);
  • span bridge: box-shaped welded structures, steel 09G2S;
  • geared motor reducers of the TGM produced by Podem AD (Bulgaria);
  • Casing and electrical protection - Cortem (Italy);
  • Electrical equipment Schneider Electric (France);
  • current lead of Festoon type;
  • limit switches for hoist and crane travel;
  • frequency drive of lifting and movement of Schneider Electric type Altivar;
  • by agreement: control of the crane from the floor or from the cabin;
  • fixed or mobile control cab, equipped with convector and air conditioning, arm-chair with 3-5-position control joysticks;
  • safety devices of the crane: limit switches of hoists and cranes, alarm sound and light warning system during operation, anti-theft rail grips;
  • The explosion-proof (EPC) tap can be operated in the operating modes: 1Am (light), 2m (medium), 3m (heavy);
  • Explosion-proof version Ex (d) II BT5, Ex (d) II CT4

All products comply with European standards:

  • Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC (Директива 2006/42/ЕС о безопасности машин и оборудования)
  • DIN EN ISO12100: "Safety of machines. Basic terms, general principles of design" (Стандарт EN ISO 12100 Безопасность машин и механизмов)
  • EN60204-1: "Safety of machines. Electrical equipment of machines" (EN 60204: Безопасность машин. Электрооборудование машин)

Specialists of «Kyiv Crane Machinery Plant LLC» provide a full range of works from the design phase to commissioning the crane and conducting maintenance.

Works on installation and commissioning are carried out on the basis of the Permit for execution of works of increased danger №4114.12.32.

Here you can buy a bridge crane of explosion-proof (EPC) execution with a deferred payment or leasing. Flexible payment system will allow to operate the crane and pay the cost according to the agreed individual schedule.

The price for a bridge crane is formed depending on the configuration of the crane according to your technical specification. For the selection of the optimal technical solution and the preparation of the technical-commercial proposal, please fill out the questionnaire.

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