Repair of cranes

«Kyiv Crane Machinery Plant LLC» performs repair of all types of lifting equipment on the customer's request or on the conclusion of expert organization. If necessary, our specialists will produce its own expert examination of lifting equipment, on the basis of which the statement of defects, preparing the development of repair documentation and calculation of the cost of the work.

The scope of work may include:

  • repair or replacement of the crane metal structures;
  • repair or replacement of the crane mechanisms;
  • repair or replacement of the crane electrical equipment, including cab.

Repair work on the cranes are carried out on the basis of:

  • Permissions Territorial Administration №4114.12.32
  • TU U 29.2-21674530-001: 2003 "Construction cranes and lifts the metal. Overhaul "
  • TU U 29.2-21674530-015: 2006 "Mechanisms of cranes. Repairs"
  • TU U 29.2-21674530-024: 2007 "Electrical equipment of cranes and machines. Repairs"
  • Requirements NPAOP 0.00-1.01-07 "Rules and safe operation of cranes"
  • PUE "Rules for Electrical Installation"