Кран-балка опорная

Single girder overhead bridge crane capacity 5.0 t a flyover 11.2 m

The enterprise of «Kyiv Crane Machinery Plant LLC» manufactured, installed and installed a single-girder overhead bridge crane with a lifting capacity of 5.0 tons, a span of 11.2 m at a radio control for a ship repair company in the Odessa region.

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опорный кран

Single-girder overhead bridge crane for farming

For the farm in the Kirovograd region, a single-girder support bridge KMO-3,2-11,022-7,0-A5 was manufactured and installed. This crane is necessary for repair and maintenance of agricultural machinery.

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кран балка опорная

Overhead crane with lifting capacity 5,0 t for maintenance and repair of lifts

One of the enterprises of Ukraine specializing in renting lifts of varying complexity from world manufacturers Haulotte (France), Dino Lift (Finland) and JLG (USA) was supplied and installed a overhead bridge crane КМО-5,0-10,0-5,0-А5 production «Kyiv Crane Machinery Plant LLC» with an overpass in the existing shop.

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Кран мостовой однобалочный

Single-girder suspended crane with lifting capacity of 1.0 t at an altitude of almost 20 m for the enterprise in the Zhitomir region

The fourth crane from the enterprise «Kyiv Crane Machinery Plant LLC» was delivered to the permanent Customer in Zhytomyr region. Our specialists have completed the next project at this facility for manufacturing and installation.

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