Lifting equipment


Kyiv Crane Machinery Plant LLC

We supply our clients reliable lifting equipment european quality for whole technological processes
Leading Ukrainian crane building company

Today the Kyiv Crane Machinery Plant LLC is the leading Ukrainian enterprise for the production of lifting cranes. Our team implements both standard and non-standard projects for all industries – from the design stage to installation and commissioning of cranes, followed by warranty and post-warranty maintenance of our crane equipment.

We manufacture and ship over 120 cranes annually. We have everything necessary for this: the plant has its own design bureau and a powerful production base with the most modern industrial equipment, and most importantly, we have a team of experienced specialists who are ready to design, manufacture and install in the shortest possible time:

  • bridge overhead and overhead cranes
  • supporting and suspended crane beams
  • gantry cranes, including light mobile
  • grab cranes
  • jib cranes, including jib cranes
  • any other special-purpose bridge-type cranes with lifting capacity up to 100 tons
World leader components

Our cranes are of high quality, reliability and durability, thanks to the fact that we install on them all the main components (electric hoists, crane trolleys, end beams, lifting and travel gear motors, electrical equipment and elements of current leads) supplied by our official partners – leading European companies:

  • Siemens, Sew-Eurodrive, Demag Cranes & Components GmbH (Germany)
  • PodemCrane (Bulgaria)
  • Schneider Electric (France)

We are ready to supply any of these crane components at the price of manufacturing plants in the form of separate mechanisms or a set of spare parts.

All the products we offer comply with the current European and Ukrainian regulations in the field of crane equipment, which is confirmed by the necessary certificates, declarations of conformity and permits.

Our main goal – is the quality and reliability of our cranes!


Our clients

ПАО «Мариупольский комбинат им. Ильича»
ПАО «Азот Черкассы»
АО «Червоноградский завод металлоконструкций»
ПАО «Арселор Миттал»
ООО «Нововолынский литейный завод»
ГП «НАЭК «Энергоатом»
ПАО «Укрнафта»
Предприятия и облэнерго группы «ДТЭК»
ГП «Дарницкий вагоноремонтный завод»
ГП «Электротяжмаш»
ПАО «Днепропетровский стрелочный завод»
«Полтавский ГОК»
«Южный ГОК»
«Северный ГОК»
ООО «Завод Кобзаренко»
ГП «Укрзалізниця»
ПАО «Насосэнергомаш»
ГП «Павлоградский химический завод»
КП «Киевский метрополитен»
АО «Укргаздобыча»
ПАО «Укрграфит»
ООО «Метинвест холдинг»»
ПАО «Дікергофф Цемент Україна»
ПАО «Запорожсталь»