Опорный кран

Overhead crane for machine-building holding

For the enterprise for the production of pumping equipment, a single-girder overhead crane OC-5,0-10,5-5,0-A5 in the middle operating mode was manufactured and assembled.

Having thoroughly studied the purpose of the crane and the technical task of the Customer, the specialists of the «Kyiv Crane Machinery Plant LLC» provided for two-speed mechanisms of lifting-lowering, movement of hoists and cranes. The control of the bridge crane with a lifting capacity of 5.0 tons is carried out regardless of the location of the tackle by a 6-button radio control panel, it is possible to duplicate a suspended standby console with a socket connection. This requirement was realized thanks to the Festoon type current lead, which ensures convenient and safer operation of the operator.

Particular attention was paid to safety devices, namely:

  • Limit switches for lifting and lowering and movement of hoists and cranes;
  • Load-limiting device;
  • Anti-collision device;
  • Emergency stop;
  • Key stamp.

Completion of the crane OC-5,0-10,5-5,0:

  • Electric hoist 5МТ312 production "Роdem" (Bulgaria);
  • End beams - GO1160-1500-V1 "Podem" (Bulgaria);
  • A span bridge - a box-type beam - "Kyiv Crane Machinery Plant LLC" (Ukraine);
  • The current collector - "Kyiv Crane Machinery Plant LLC" (Ukraine);
  • Electrical equipment - "Schneider Electric" (France);
  • Cable products Carpel (Italy).

Thanks to the detailed design of the production work (PW) and the high skill of the "Kyiv Crane Machinery Plant LLC" specialists, the installation and commissioning work was completed as soon as possible. The high quality of the equipment was confirmed by statistical and dynamic tests, after which the crane was put into operation.