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Single-girder overhead crane for servicing the compressor of the Air Separation Unit “Linde”

This project was implemented under the supervision of an international company, leader in the industrial gas industry "Linde".

In the shortest possible time, our company was able not only to install a bridge crane, but also to install crane runways, power supply from the appropriate distribution panel inside the building in strict accordance with the requirements of the customer, as well as relevant rules and regulations, including forests, installation equipment and materials. Delivery of test cargoes and their removal after successful tests of the crane.

The main parameters of the crane bridge single-girder support OBC-10.0-20.8-13.5:

  • Carrying capacity 10,0 t;
  • Span along the crane tracks 20,800 mm;
  • Span beam from the sectional section;
  • Lifting speed 4,0 / 1,3 m / min;
  • The travel speed of the hoist is 20,0 / 6,5 m / min;
  • The speed of the crane movement is 30,0 / 10,0 m / min;
  • Lifting height 13,5 m;
  • The end beams type G1250-2700 Podem, Bulgaria are made of a rigid box-section section;
  • Limit switches for the movement of hoists and cranes;
  • Wire rope hoist type 53MT525 H13.5 V1 4/1 MEK20 / 6.5 Podem, Bulgaria;
  • Current lead along a festoon-type beam on a rigid profile, with the possibility of independent movement of the suspended control panel along the crane beam;
  • Anticorrosive protection of the crane structure.