кран балка опорная

5 overhead cranes were manufactured for the leading Ukrainian manufacturer of pumping equipment

For the plant, which is one of the leaders of the Ukrainian market for the production of pumping equipment, overhead bridge cranes OC-5.0-16.5-7.0-A5, OC-10.0-7.5-6 were manufactured at «Kyiv Crane Machinery Plant LLC». 66-A6, OC-5.0-22.5-7.0-A6, OC-10.0-16.5-7.75-A6 in the foundry version and OC-0.5-7.0-7 , 0-A3 common industrial purpose.

After examining in detail the Customer’s specifications, as well as the purpose of each crane and the specifics of the workshops where they should be operated, «Kyiv Crane Machinery Plant LLC» experts suggested using two-speed lifting-lowering mechanisms and frequency converters of the hoist movement mechanism and the main crane structure.

Control of manufactured bridge cranes can be carried out regardless of the location of the hoist using both a 6-button radio remote control and a suspended backup console with a socket connection. This Customer’s requirement, realized through the use of a Festoon-type two-wire current lead, makes it possible to make the work of operators much more convenient and safe.

Special attention was paid to safety issues, therefore, the cranes were installed:

  • limit switches for lifting and lowering and moving the waist and the main crane structure;
  • load limiter;
  • anti-push device;
  • emergency stop;
  • key mark.

The crane assembly was as follows:

  • end beams, as well as hoists of the type MT312 and MT525, manufactured by «Podem», Bulgaria;
  • electrical equipment and frequency converter - «Schneider Electric», France;
  • cable products Carpel (Italy);
  • flying bridge (box-type beam) manufactured at «Kyiv Crane Machinery Plant LLC».

Due to the detailed plan of the project of production (PP) and the high skill of the specialists of the «Kyiv Crane Machinery Plant LLC», the installation and commissioning works were completed as soon as possible. The high quality of the installed crane equipment was confirmed by statistical and dynamic tests, after which all five bridge cranes were successfully commissioned.