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Single girder overhead bridge crane capacity 5.0 t a flyover 11.2 m

The enterprise of «Kyiv Crane Machinery Plant LLC» manufactured, installed and installed a single-girder overhead bridge crane with a lifting capacity of 5.0 tons, a span of 11.2 m at a radio control for a ship repair company in the Odessa region.

The purpose of the crane is to maintain metalworking machines and perform repair work when installing and dismantling components of ship electric motors and generators.

During the negotiations, the customer was tasked to enter into the existing workshop a overhead bridge crane with a load capacity of 5.0 tons. To accomplish this task, a design solution was prepared for the crane track with the calculation of the carrying capacity of existing columns. After the project was completed on the crane runway, the customer performed the preparatory work for the installation of high chairs and crane girders with a square.

To maximize the use of existing space, a crane-beam with a reduced height of the hoist was designed. This hoist allows you to raise the hook as close as possible to the crane beam. The crane is equipped with an electric cable hoist with reduced construction height and end beams produced by Podem, Bulgaria.

Main characteristics of the crane:

  • lifting capacity 5,0 t;
  • span of the crane is 11.2 m;
  • hook lifting height 5,0 m;
  • operating mode A5 (medium);
  • crane runway square 50 x 50 mm;
  • control of the crane from the radio control panel;
  • lifting speed 6.0 / 2.0 m / min;
  • the travel speed of the hoist is 20,0 / 5,0 m / min;
  • the speed of the crane's movement is 30,0 / 10,0 m / min;
  • current feeder of hoists along C-shaped profile of Festoon type;
  • power supply of the crane along the shop along the C-shaped profile of the Festoon type;
  • safety devices: load-limiting device, two-position switches for hook lifting and lowering mechanisms, hoist and crane movements, thermal protection of electric motors, phase control relay, sound and light signaling of the crane operation.