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Single-girder support bridge cranes for agricultural company

The leader in the production of agricultural products was designed in accordance with the technical specifications of the customer, single-girder support bridge KMO-5,0-22,5-7,0-A5 with one of the following main parameters were manufactured and installed:

  • Load-carrying capacity - 5,0 t;
  • The span of the crane is 22.5 m;
  • The base of the crane is 3.6 m;
  • Lifting height - 7,0 m;
  • Lifting speed 6.0 m / min,
  • The travel speed of the hoist is 20.0 m / min,
  • The speed of the crane's movement is 30,0 / 10,0 m / min;
  • Trolley type 5MT 312 H7 V6 4/1 S N 21 20 «Podem» Bulgaria;
  • End beams of the type GО 1200-3650 «Podem» Bulgaria;
  • Span bridge - a welded box-type beam production KZPTO;
  • Control of the crane - from the pendant console plus duplicate radio control;
  • Limit switches, lifting and lowering hoists;
  • Limit switches for hoist and crane movement;
  • Load-limiting device;
  • Light and sound alarm.

Mechanisms for the movement of the crane are equipped with two-speed engines produced in Bulgaria.

The power supply of the crane lifting mechanism is a cable current lead on a rigid metal profile of the Festoon type.

Thanks to a detailed work plan (PPR) and high professionalism of KZPTO specialists, installation and commissioning of cranes were carried out in the shortest possible time.