тельфер канатный

The manufacturer of fuel pellets delivered electric wire rope hoist

A well-known Ukrainian manufacturer of fuel pellets purchased at the «Kyiv Crane Machinery Plant LLC» a 2-speed electric wire rope hoist of the MT type in an explosion-proof version manufactured by Podem (Bulgaria). Electrotal was necessary for the Customer to service the new press unit on the line for the production of pellets from pine and oak chips.

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Опорный кран

Overhead crane for machine-building holding

For the enterprise for the production of pumping equipment, a single-girder overhead crane OC-5,0-10,5-5,0-A5 in the middle operating mode was manufactured and assembled.

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Подвесные кран-балки

Suspended crane beams capacity 5,0t for grain storage of agro-industrial company

For the storage of grain and industrial crops, suspended crane beams of 5,0 t of type SCB-5,0-9,5-9,0-7,0-A5 were designed, manufactured and mounted.

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подвесная кран-балка

Suspended bridge crane for timber company

Designed and manufactured suspended bridge crane, as well as the installation is made by «Kyiv Crane Machinery Plant LLC» for the maintenance of existing machines and units woodworking enterprise.

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