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Overhead crane with lifting capacity 5,0 t for maintenance and repair of lifts

One of the enterprises of Ukraine specializing in renting lifts of varying complexity from world manufacturers Haulotte (France), Dino Lift (Finland) and JLG (USA) was supplied and installed a overhead bridge crane КМО-5,0-10,0-5,0-А5 production «Kyiv Crane Machinery Plant LLC» with an overpass in the existing shop.

The purpose of the crane is maintenance, repair of leased equipment and lifts.

Having thoroughly studied the design of the workshop and the purpose, having clarified the tasks of the bridge crane, the necessary overall dimensions and technical characteristics were selected, namely:

  • load-carrying capacity - 5,0 t;
  • span of the crane - 10,0 m;
  • lifting height H = 5,0 m;
  • the construction height of the crane (the distance from the levels of the rail head to the hook in the extreme upper position) is not more than 810 mm;
  • lifting speed 4,0 / 1,3 m / min;
  • the travel speed of the hoist is 20,0 / 5,0 m / min;
  • the speed of the crane's movement is 30,0 / 10,0 m / min;
  • electric hoist type 5,0 МТ312 Н7 V4 4/1 MN 21 20/5 (Podem, Bulgaria);
  • end beams type GO1160 1600 G70 A P500 B4 (Podem, Bulgaria);
  • bridge span - welded box-shaped beam;
  • control of the crane - from the pendant, in addition radio control;
  • current lead to hoists - cable type Festoon;
  • current lead to the crane - cable type Festoon;
  • running wheels - double-glazed;
  • group mode of operation - A5 (medium).

The control assembly of the crane KMO-5,0-10,0-5,0 at the production of the «Kyiv Crane Machinery Plant LLC» coincided with the installation of a crane overpass. As a crane track, a 50x50 square was used. At the end of the installation of the square, an alignment certificate was issued that corresponded to the deviations of the railways from the design position in accordance with the requirements of the rules of NPAOP 0.00-1.01-07 of Appendix No. 2 to item 4.19.8. and dimensional drawing.

At the end of the installation and commissioning work, a technical report on the statistical and dynamic tests of the crane was issued.
All the permits for commissioning the crane are transferred to the Customer.