Опорный кран 8т

Overhead crane was manufactured and assembled for an enterprise for the production of building metal structures.

The specialists of our plant were tasked to design a overhead crane for the existing workshop at the plant for the production of metal structures. The task is to ensure the lifting of goods to the required height and their further movement.

The use of an electric hoist with a reduced construction height and a specially designed fly bridge enabled the required lifting height. Two-speed engine lifting, moving the hoist and crane will accurately position the goods when using a crane, increase the service life of the brake system, wheel groups and crane tracks.

To connect the crane to the source of electrical energy, a closed-type trolley current lead was used. This modern solution makes it possible to fully ensure complete safety during lifting operations, reduce the possibility of unforeseen stops and has a very beautiful look.

This crane equipment is necessary for lifting and moving metal billets and finished metal structures.

Basic data of the new overhead crane model KMO-8.0-5.04-3.0-A5:

  • load capacity - 8 tons;
  • maximum lifting height - 3.0 m;
  • crane span - 5.04 m;
  • lifting / lowering speed - 4 / 1.3 m / min;
  • trolley speed - 20/5 m / min;
  • crane speed - 40/10 m / min;
  • group mode of operation according to ISO or GOST-A5 (medium).

Basic equipment of crane equipment:

  • lifting mechanism - hoist rope type MT, end beams of production, as well as motor-reducers of movement and lifting - all production Podem (Bulgaria);
  • current lead to the crane - flexible cable on a rigid profile like Festoon;
  • Electrical kit provided by Schneider Electric (France).
  • flying bridge (box-shaped welded frame) - produced by Kyiv Crane Machinery Plant.

Additional equipment for higher safety:

  • limit switch movement of the crane;
  • limit switch movement hoists;
  • lift-down limit switch;
  • thermal lift motor protection;
  • load limiter.

The crane can be operated both with the help of the radio control system, and from the pendant. At the moment, the new crane has been successfully installed, has passed all the necessary tests and is successfully operating on the serviced site.