мостовой двухбалочный кран

Three bridge double-girder cranes were manufactured for loading and unloading metal products

Another large platform for the sale of metal products was opened on the territory of Ukraine. The main activity of this site is the wholesale of various metal products (black, stainless and galvanized metal, as well as corrugated board, fences, electrodes, etc.).

The acquaintance of the employees of the Kyiv Crane Machinery Plant LLC with this Customer took place back in 2018, then, during long negotiations and joint participation in the preparation of project documentation, several options for the execution of cranes with a lifting capacity from 10 to 50 tons were calculated and developed, ultimately they were systematized as much as possible tasks and their solutions, namely - it was decided to design two cranes with a lifting capacity of 12.5 and 30.0 tons for one span, and for another - 12.5 tons.

Having studied in detail the technological process of unloading metal products from both wagons and trucks (and, accordingly, loading into them), it was decided to equip cranes with closed-type control cabins, which will provide crane operators with more comfortable working conditions and a wide view during the loading process. and unloading. Also, all cranes are equipped with redundant radio control systems. With the exception of the lifting capacity, all technical and operational characteristics and equipment of the three cranes are the same.

Crane characteristics:

  • working lifting height – 10.0 m;
  • operating mode group according to FEM 9.551 / DIN 15020 – 2m, GOST 25835 – A5;
  • lifting speed – 0 ... 6.0 m / min;
  • movement speed – 0 ... 30.0 m / min;
  • operating temperature – -20 °С...+ 40 °С;
  • permissible relative humidity – 80%;
  • climatic version – U2 in accordance with GOST 15150;
  • the degree of protection of electrical equipment – IP54;
  • operating mode - A5 (medium).

The complete set of overhead cranes was as follows:

  • lifting mechanism of MT type of corresponding carrying capacity and end beams of GO type - manufactured by PodemCrane (Bulgaria);
  • span bridge (box-type girder) - manufactured by Kyiv Crane Machinery Plant LLC (Ukraine);
  • electrical equipment and frequency converters - Schneider Electric (France);
  • cable products - Carpel (Italy).

Particular attention was paid to devices that ensure the safe and comfortable operation of crane equipment, namely, the following - were installed:

  • service platforms for the crane trolley and crane movement mechanisms;
  • limit switches for lifting and lowering and movement of the trolley and crane;
  • thermal protection and ventilation of electric motors;
  • load limiter;
  • main contactor in the circuit;
  • phase control relay;
  • emergency stop;
  • key brand;
  • anti-collision device;
  • swivel remote control chair;
  • heater and air conditioner in the cab.

Thanks to the detailed plan of the project for the production of works (PPW) and the high skill of the assembly team of Kyiv Crane Machinery Plant LLC, the installation and commissioning work was completed within 3 days. After passing static and dynamic tests, the cranes were handed over to the Customer for further operation.

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