мостовой подвесной кран

An overhead crane for a large meat processing plant in the Kharkiv region was manufactured

By the order of a large meat processing plant located in the Kharkiv region, the Kyiv Crane Machinery Plant LLC designed and manufactured, and then mounted on the site of operation in the new workshop, a overhead crane with a lifting capacity of 3.2 tons. The main objective of this crane technology is lifting, lowering and moving heavy bulky parts during maintenance of existing process equipment, as well as loading and unloading vehicles.

Technical characteristics of the crane:

carrying capacity3,2 t;
lifting height7,0 m;
span6,0 m;
rise-lowering speed4,0 m/min;
trolley speed20,0 m/min;
crane speed20,0 m/min;
degree of protection of electrical equipmentIP54 (standard);
operating mode group according to ISO or GOSTА5 (medium).

Complete set of delivered crane equipment:

  • wire rope type MT and motor gearboxes for moving and lifting – manufactured by Podem (Bulgaria??);
  • end beams with reduced construction height – manufactured by Kyiv Crane Machinery Plant LLC (Ukraine??);
  • span bridge – I-beam 36M with a width of the skiing shelf 130 mm;
  • current supply to the crane 45M;
  • limit switch of raising and lowering;
  • limit switch of movement of the crane;
  • trailer switch of movement of a waist;
  • thermal protection of the lift engine;
  • phase control relay;
  • load limiter;
  • main contactor in the circuit.

Installation work on the installation of a new crane was carried out in parallel with the installation of structures and the arrangement of the roof of the new meat processing plant workshop. Preliminary complete assembly of the crane, performed at the Kyiv Crane Machinery Plant LLC, made it possible to install it as soon as possible, without changing or adjusting the customer’s production plan. Successful tests of crane equipment have confirmed its high quality and reliability.

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