Кран мостовой электрический двухбалочный опорный

Three bridge cranes for a car repair plant

At one of the leading Ukrainian car repair plants, at the end of 2018, it was planned to update crane equipment. The management of this enterprise decided to order the manufacture of new cranes at our factory, while a request was made - to complete the order as soon as possible.
And the staff of the Kyiv Crane Machinery Plant LLC succeeded. Only 69 days have passed from the moment of receipt of the application to the complete execution of the order. During this time, it was manufactured:

  1. An electric double-girder bridge crane with a lifting capacity of 16.0/3.2 tons, with a span of 22.5 meters.
  2. An electric one-girder bridge crane with a lifting capacity of 1.0 tons, with a span of 16.5 meters.
  3. An electric single-girder overhead crane with two-span lifting capacity of 3.2 tons, with a span of 2 x 10,5 meters.

First of all, Kyiv Crane Machinery Plant LLC specialists developed a schedule with the following list of works:

  1. Inspection of the installation site of cranes.
  2. Production of cranes.
  3. Transportation of crane equipment to the place of its installation, unloading in the span of the workshop.
  4. Installation, connection to an existing open-type troll (using 2 trolley current collectors), commissioning. Connecting the crane includes the installation of a new entrance shield of the crane, the supply and installation of the power cable from the trolls of the shield (cable laying should be done in cable channels).
  5. Conducting control tests of cranes. Delivery of mounted cranes to customer representatives.
  6. Provision of a package of documentation in accordance with the Labor Protection Rules in force in Ukraine during the operation of hoisting cranes (NPAOP 0.00-1.80-18).
  7. Conducting an initial technical survey.
  8. Commissioning the crane.

Given the particular importance of supplying cranes to the Customer on time, the Kyiv Crane Machinery Plant LLC specialists have done everything possible to complete the task in time. In this case, special attention was paid to the preparation of documentation for each unit of crane equipment supplied, namely:

  1. Passport lifting mechanism.
  2. Installation and operating instructions for lifting gear.
  3. Passports and instructions for individual nodes of the lifting mechanism (crane), manufactured by other manufacturers (if any).
  4. Weld seam inspection map for crane bridge.
  5. Copies of qualification certificates of welders performing welding work.
  6. Copies of quality certificates of used electrodes.
  7. Copies of quality certificates for the metal used in the manufacture of the crane.
  8. Documents of quality control of welded joints of load-bearing structures made by non-destructive testing methods.
  9. Permitting documents giving the right to perform work of increased danger (for the right to conduct a robot and a non-destructive testing laboratory).
  10. A copy of the certificate of the specialist who performed the quality control analysis of the welded joints.
  11. Certificate for steel rope.
  12. Hook certificate.
  13. The kinematic diagram of the crane and the individual components that make up the crane.
  14. Schematic diagram of the crane.
  15. Stocking scheme for steel ropes.
  16. Table of electrical connections of the crane (cable magazine).
  17. Specification of crane electrical components.
  18. Assembly drawing of a crane.
  19. Schemes for installing electrical panels of a crane with a description of their functional purpose.
  20. Assembly drawings of mounted cabling on a crane.
  21. A copy of the Declaration on compliance with the technical safety regulations of machines, including the rope hoist (trolley), which is part of the crane.
  22. Copy of the technical specifications for the manufacture of the crane.
  23. Copy of the Permission to use the crane on the territory of Ukraine, including the rope hoist (trolley), which is part of the crane.
  24. Protocol of inspection of the metal structure of the crane before installation.
  25. Coordination with the General Directorate of Gostrud in the Kiev region for the performance of hazardous work on the territory of the Customer.
  26. The plan for the implementation (organization) of the installation of cranes with the approval of the Customer (PPR / POR).
  27. The act of transportation of the crane.
  28. Act of installation of the crane.
  29. Protocol of inspection of metal structures of the crane after installation.
  30. The act of checking the geometric dimensions of the crane.
  31. Act of installation of electrical equipment of the crane.
  32. The test certificate of the crane idle and under load.
  33. Act on the quality of installation work.
  34. The act of filling gearboxes and laying in lubricant bearings.
  35. Protocol for measuring insulation resistance.
  36. Entries in the passport on installation, commissioning, testing, initial technical inspection.

Installation and commissioning were completed within 10 days. After the commissioning of the crane, the static and dynamic tests with a control load exceeding the nominal value (respectively by 10% and 25%) were successfully passed. Currently, new crane equipment is being successfully operated at the car repair plant.