подвесные краны 3,2 т

Manufactured two suspension cranes for servicing automotive vehicles

At the Kyiv Crane Machinery Plant LLC, by order of a large machine-building enterprise, two overhead suspension cranes were manufactured and installed with the same configuration and technical and operational characteristics, which were necessary for better servicing of automotive equipment.

Thus, the Customer has already implemented solutions for lifting bulky cargo or cargo weighing more than 500 kg. The supplied cranes allow you to effortlessly dismantle the engine, cab, body and any other components of the car with their subsequent installation.

Technical characteristics of the supplied crane equipment:

  • crane marking - KMP-3,2-10,00-9,00-7,0-A5;
  • crane construction - overhead bridge crane;
  • lifting capacity - 3.2 t;
  • lifting height - 7.0 m;
  • crane span - 9.0 m;
  • lifting-lowering speed - 4.0 m/min;
  • trolley travel speed - 20.0 m/min;
  • crane movement speed - 20.0 m/min;
  • group of operating mode according to ISO or GOST - A5 (medium);
  • degree of protection of electrical equipment - IP54 (standard).

Completion of the supplied crane equipment:

  • lifting mechanism - wire rope hoist type MT, as well as geared motors for movement and lifting - manufactured by Podem (Bulgaria);
  • end beams with normal headroom - manufactured by Kyiv Crane Machinery Plant LLC;
  • span bridge - 45M I-beam (roll flange width 150 mm);
  • limit switches for lifting and lowering, crane movement and hoist movement;
  • thermal protection of the hoist motor;
  • light and sound signaling of the crane run - CN 380V;
  • main contactor in the circuit;
  • LED lighting of the working area;
  • power supply to the crane - Festoon type on a rigid profile, 36 m long for each crane.

Both cranes were assembled in the conditions of a shop under construction, then commissioning work was carried out, after which their static and dynamic tests were successfully completed.

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