кран консольный

Jib crane for the manufacturer of pipeline valves in Ukraine

According to the technical specifications of the Customer, a crane console rotary 0.5-3.0-2.9-А5 was designed, manufactured and mounted.

The main parameters of the console crane:

  • load capacity - 0.5 tons;
  • departure console - 3.0 m;
  • lifting height - 2.9 m;
  • crane movement speed - manual drive;
  • lifting speed - 4.0 / 1.3 m / min;
  • hoist speed - 14.0 m / min;
  • lifting mechanism - electric chain hoist (production Bulgaria);
  • crane control - from the pendant;
  • current lead to hoist - cable type Festoon;
  • limit switches lifting-lowering hoists;
  • trailer switches of movement of a waist and crane.

During the production of a cantilever crane, the dimensions and loads of the foundation were agreed with the Customer, in order to avoid inaccuracies during the installation period. The customer was sent a sample of the base of the crane with its exact dimensions on a scale of 1: 1.

Installation of equipment on the finished foundation was carried out within one working day. Statistical and dynamic tests confirmed the reliability of the design and ease of management. The use of a 2-speed hoist ensured accurate positioning of the product on the machine. Correctly issued passport and the availability of all permitting documents without any problems received confirmation from the inspector for further work.