Консольно-поворотный кран

Console-rotary crane for the official representative of Italian companies Motovario, P.C.M., Dinamic Oil on the territory of Ukraine

According to the technical task of the customer, a jib crane JC-0,5-3,0-2,5 was designed, manufactured and assembled.

Basic parameters of the jib crane:

  • load-carrying capacity - 0,5 t;
  • departure console - 3.0 m;
  • lifting height - 2,5 m;
  • lifting speed 4,0 / 1,3 m / min;
  • the travel speed of the hoist is 14.0 m / min;
  • speed of movement of the crane - manual drive;
  • lifting mechanism - electric chain hoist of Bulgarian production;
  • control of the crane - from the suspended control panel;
  • current lead to hoists - cable type Festoon;
  • limit switches, lifting and lowering hoists;
  • limit switches of hoist movement;

To ensure the assembly of the customer's equipment and the precise positioning of the load on the chain hoist (hoisting mechanism of the cantilever crane), a two-speed drive was used.

The jib crane was successfully installed, and its reliability was confirmed by static and dynamic load. After testing the crane, the customer was given the entire package of technical and permissive documentation.