подвесная кран-балка

Suspension crane-beam for repair and maintenance of large automotive technik

According to the technical specification of the customer, the suspension crane-beam SCB-3,2-9,9-(9,0-0,3-0,6)-10,0-А5 with frequency inverters was designed, manufactured and assembled.

Suspended crane main parameters:

  • lifting capacity - 3,2 tons;
  • span of the crane - 9,0 m;
  • left console - 0,3 m;
  • right console - 0,6 m;
  • crane base - 1,9 m;
  • lifting height - 10,0 m;
  • lifting speed 0,8 ... 8,0 m / min (frequency inverter);
  • travel speed of hoists 2,0 ... 20,0 m / min (frequency inverter);
  • speed ​​of the crane movement 3,0 ... 30,0 m / min (frequency inverter);
  • electric wire rope hoist type 3.2 МТ 316 Н10 V8 2/1 SN 21 20 "Podem" Bulgaria;
  • end beams of type GV-3,2 "Podem" Bulgaria;
  • bridge span - welded box-shaped beam;
  • control of the crane - from the suspended console;
  • current lead to hoists - cable type Festoon;
  • current lead to the crane - cable;
  • limit switches, lifting and lowering hoists;
  • limit switches for hoist and crane movement;

To ensure the assembly of vehicles and accurate positioning of the load, frequency inverters manufactured by Schneider Electric (France) were mounted on all mechanisms for lifting and moving the crane and hoist.

The crane was successfully assembled, and its reliability was confirmed by static and dynamic load during the tests, after which the whole package of technical documentation and the control panel with the key-mark were delivered to the Customer.