кран-балка для машиностроительного завода

A crane beam was made for a machine-building plant

At Kyiv Crane Machinery Plant LLC, by order of one of the large machine-building plants, an electric overhead girder crane was manufactured. This plant is engaged in the production of brake systems for the railroad and subway, connecting hoses, brake cylinders, autoregulators and other similar products. The customer needed new crane equipment to optimize the technological process in order to increase efficiency and productivity.

After studying the terms of reference, the designers of Kyiv Crane Machinery Plant LLC developed an outline drawing and a work plan, on the basis of which a single-girder crane was manufactured that fully meets the needs of the Customer.

Crane specifications

  • marking - KMP-2.0-16.00-15.00-7.0-A5;
  • lifting capacity - 2.0 t;
  • lifting height - 7.0 m;
  • crane span - 15.0 m;
  • full length - 16.0 m;
  • lifting and lowering speed - 4.0 m/min;
  • trolley travel speed - 20.0 m/min;
  • crane movement speed - 20.0 m/min;
  • operating mode group according to ISO or GOST - A5 (medium);
  • degree of protection of electrical equipment - IP54 (standard);
  • execution - general industrial.

Completion of the supplied crane equipment

  • wire rope hoist type MT, geared motors for movement and lifting - manufactured by Podem (Bulgaria);
  • end beams of production with normal headroom - production of Kyiv Crane Machinery Plant LLC;
  • span bridge - welded box-shaped girder (roll flange width - 295 mm);
  • lifting-lowering limit switch;
  • limit switch for crane movement;
  • limit switch for hoist movement;
  • thermal protection of the hoist motor;
  • main contactor in the circuit;
  • power supply to the crane - closed trolleys;
  • 6-button PPU, emergency stop, key brand.

In the conditions of the existing workshop, a crane runway, a trolley current lead to the crane and the crane itself were mounted. Within five days, the crane was fully assembled, after which test tests were carried out, followed by commissioning.

The suspended bridge crane significantly increased the productivity of the Customer's production, and also increased the working area, since previously a loader was used to move heavy components, and some places in this workshop were not available for it.