Мостовые краны

2 bridge cranes for reconstruction of a transformer station in Odessa were made

In September of this year, by the order of a large construction company, two identical bridge overhead cranes were manufactured and installed in Odessa, designed to carry out the next stage of reconstruction of one of the local transformer stations.

In accordance with the existing building project, the designers of the Kyiv Crane Machinery Plant LLC plant developed a dimensional drawing of a bridge supporting crane with a minimum permissible building height. This configuration of crane equipment will provide the possibility of trouble-free installation of heavy bulky transformer equipment.

Technical characteristics of the manufactured bridge cranes:

  • carrying capacity - 2 t;
  • lifting height - 10.5 m;
  • crane span - 10.7 m;
  • lifting and lowering speed - 4 m/min;
  • speed of movement of the cart - 20 m/min;
  • crane movement speed - 40/10 m/min;
  • group operating mode according to ISO or GOST - A5 (medium).

The main and additional equipment of the supplied crane equipment:

  • span bridge (box beam of welded construction) and end beams - manufactured by Kyiv Crane Machinery Plant LLC (Ukraine);
  • wire rope type МТ, motor-reducers of movement and lifting - manufactured by Podem (Bulgaria);
  • electrical equipment - Schneider Electric (France);
  • current supply to the crane (flexible cable with trolleys on a cable);
  • pendant control panel;
  • limit switch of raising and lowering;
  • limit switch of movement of the crane;
  • trailer switch of movement of a waist;
  • thermal protection of the lift engine;
  • load limiter.

The availability of all the necessary components in the warehouse, as well as the optimized technological processes of Kyiv Crane Machinery Plant LLC, made it possible to produce and assemble the ordered crane equipment in the shortest possible time, which ensured timely scheduled reconstruction of the transformer station.