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Deliveries of 3 overhead bridge cranes to Turkmenistan for the Malay gas condensate field completed

At the Kyiv Crane Machinery Plant LLC, 3 bridge overhead cranes were manufactured and shipped to complete the booster compressor station (BCS), which is under construction at the Malay gas field in the Lebap province of Turkmenistan. The main purpose of this crane equipment is to lift and move the heavy components of the compressor station during their installation, maintenance and repair.

Crane lifting capacity – 1.5, 2 and 4 tons; accordingly, on the first two of them, hoist electric cable models 2,0МТ305 Н7 V4 4/1 SN 21 20 are used as a lifting mechanism, and on the third – model 5,0МТ312 Н7 V4 4/1 SN 21 20. Otherwise, all 3 cranes have similar technical parameters and equipment.

Main technical characteristics of overhead bridge cranes:

crane span6,3 m
full length8,3 m
working height6,0 m
lifting speed0…4,0 m/min
trolley speed0…20,0 m/min
crane speed0…30,0 m/min
crane designgeneral industrial
operating mode group in accordance with GOSTA5 (medium)
climatic performanceU4
placement category4
ambient temperature-40°с…+40°с

Basic equipment for crane equipment:

  • hoists and movement mechanisms of type GV – manufactured by the PodemCrane plant (Bulgaria??);
  • frequency inverters – manufactured by Schneider Electric (France??).

Each of the cranes is also equipped with an overhead control panel and linear traverses with a lifting capacity of 1.5, 2 and 4 tons, respectively, for the possibility of lifting and moving large-sized parts of the compressor station.

In addition, sets of spare parts for the supplied crane equipment were shipped to the Customer, in particular:

  • brakes for lift engine;
  • rectifiers for lift engine;
  • rectifiers for the movement motor;
  • wire rope layers;
  • contactor groups of the lifting mechanism;
  • contactor groups of the movement mechanism.

All cranes passed control assembly at our factory and were successfully tested. After signing the acceptance certificate, the Customer received the following technical documentation:

  • passports for electric overhead cranes with one beam;
  • passports for individual crane units (hoists and end beams);
  • installation and operation instructions for single-girder overhead electric bridge cranes, as well as individual crane assemblies (hoists and end beams).

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