кран балка подвесная

Manufactured suspended crane for auto repair shop for agricultural machinery

Another new electric suspended crane for a large auto repair shop specializing in the maintenance and repair of agricultural machinery has been manufactured at the «Kyiv Crane Machinery Plant LLC». The customer had no previous experience in using cranes, so he relied on the experience and professionalism of our plant specialists in everything.

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взрывозащищенный кран

Suspended bridge crane was manufactured for the leading Ukrainian chemical industry enterprise

The collective of the «Kyiv Crane Machinery Plant LLC» plant in the shortest possible time had designed and manufactured an suspended bridge crane model KMP-3.2-12.0-8.815-6.0-A5 EX in explosion-proof version for a large Ukrainian enterprise for the production of emulsion explosives.

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Кран мостовой однобалочный

Single-girder suspended crane with lifting capacity of 1.0 t at an altitude of almost 20 m for the enterprise in the Zhitomir region

The fourth crane from the enterprise «Kyiv Crane Machinery Plant LLC» was delivered to the permanent Customer in Zhytomyr region. Our specialists have completed the next project at this facility for manufacturing and installation.

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подвесная кран-балка

Suspension crane-beam for repair and maintenance of large automotive technik

According to the technical specification of the customer, the suspension crane-beam SCB-3,2-9,9-(9,0-0,3-0,6)-10,0-А5 with frequency inverters was designed, manufactured and assembled.

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Подвесные кран-балки

Suspended crane beams capacity 5,0t for grain storage of agro-industrial company

For the storage of grain and industrial crops, suspended crane beams of 5,0 t of type SCB-5,0-9,5-9,0-7,0-A5 were designed, manufactured and mounted.

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