Кран мостовой подвесной

Overhead crane for the Ukrainian ferroalloy plant

For the Ukrainian ferroalloy plant specialists of «Kyiv Crane Machinery Plant LLC» was made bridge crane lifting capacity 16,0t reduced construction height (TU U 29.2-21674530-017: 2006).

To implement all the technical requirements of the Customer, namely the production of suspended crane 16,0t with the construction of not more than 1800 mm in height, the mechanisms of reduced building height were used. Electric hoist with reduced construction height M740 EC performance and undercarriage GV-16-6,5 SPM crane. End Carriages are met: on the one hand with fixed trolley movement, on the other - with hinged to allow movement on curved sections of the runway. Tal and the end of the beam production Podem AD Bulgaria plant.

The bridge crane is a welded construction (box beam), length 7,1m. Engineering flight path of the beam is provided with the lowest possible height of the beam section constructors «Kyiv Crane Machinery Plant LLC» together with the engineering and design department Podem AD. Span beam consists of a vertical side walls of the lower belt, upper belt and internal reinforcements forming large and small aperture. This design provides maximum rigidity at small crane girder section.

Due to the fact that the crane 16,0-7,1-6,5-18,0 KMP-A3 will be operated in a room with free access of air, under a canopy, it was decided to use electrical equipment Schneider Electric (France) with a degree of protection IP55.

Power crane along the shop provides a flexible cable type KGNV tackles food - mains connection cable to the hard metal sections such as Festoon.

Before shipping equipment has a control assembly, after which all the crane components are labeled according to the picking list and delivered to the customer. After the control assembly crane installation and commissioning of the facility may be carried out as soon as possible.