Мостовые краны 20т для горно-обогатительного комбината

Two 20-ton overhead cranes were manufactured for the Ferrexpo Poltava Mining

By order of the Ferrexpo Poltava Mining, the Kyiv Crane Machinery Plant produced two electric overhead traveling cranes, which were needed in the pellet processing workshop, where the ambient temperature was up to 80 °C. Our designers proposed a single-girder design, which provided less wheel load on the crane runways, building structure and foundation, as well as a larger working area.

For the possibility of accurate positioning of loads (components of crushing mills), two-speed motors for the lifting and movement of the lifting mechanism (hoist) and the crane were proposed. Also, due to the complex design of the workshop under the crane's working area, it was proposed to use a radio control system, which made it possible to control the working process from almost anywhere in the workshop.

To ensure the reliability of the crane equipment, components and paint coatings designed to operate at high temperatures were used. Lift and travel motors have additional airflow and IP65 electrical protection. For the convenience of maintenance and current repair of lifting and moving mechanisms of cranes, service platforms were installed on them.

Additionally, each of the cranes is equipped with a device designed to prevent the possibility of their collision during operation, as well as an audible buzzer controlled by a separate button on the control panel. Both cranes are the same in terms of their technical characteristics and equipment.

Crane technical characteristics:

  • marking - KMO-20.0-33.50-35.00-A5;
  • lifting capacity - 20.0 t;
  • lifting height - 35.0 m;
  • crane span - 33.5 m;
  • lifting and lowering speed - 7.0 / 2.0 m/min;
  • trolley travel speed - 24.0 / 6.5 m/min;
  • crane movement speed - 40.0 / 10.0 m/min;
  • temperature regime - -10...+ 85 °С;
  • execution - general industrial;
  • operating mode group according to ISO or GOST - A5;
  • degree of protection of electrical equipment - IP65.

Completion of the supplied crane equipment:

  • wire rope hoist type MT, end beams, geared motors for movement and lifting - manufactured by Podem (Bulgaria);
  • flying bridge - manufactured by the Kyiv Crane Machinery Plant;
  • lifting-lowering limit switch;
  • limit switch for crane movement;
  • limit switch for hoist movement;
  • thermal protection of the hoist motor;
  • phase control relay;
  • light and sound signaling of the crane movement;
  • anti-collision device;
  • additional brake for the lifting mechanism;
  • load limiter;
  • main contactor in the circuit;
  • LED lighting of the working area;
  • radio control system (two-speed);
  • wired pendant.

The supplied cranes were assembled in the conditions of the existing production, while the lifting of the bridge and end beams was carried out from the end of the building - for this, the wall panel of the workshop was dismantled. After the installation of the crane equipment was completed, commissioning work was carried out, after which our installers carried out control tests with a load for static and dynamic loads.

Installation of an overhead crane

At the end, a technical report was issued on the implementation of the installation of cranes, as well as passport and permits for their registration with the bodies of expert and technical supervision. Currently, both cranes are successfully operating - they are used to lift and move large-sized heavy components during the repair of crushing mills.

Thanks to the operation of two new overhead cranes at the Ferrexpo Poltava Mining, the time spent on the repair of mills has been significantly reduced; and, as a result, the number of products manufactured increased - high quality iron ore pellets used in steel production.

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