SEW-EURODRIVE Крановый день

Modern cranes – modern drive!

“Crane Day” - I’ll call the same name Maw Zahіd, about yaky pіde Mova. In the heresy of 2018, one of the other companies of the "SEW-EURODRIVE" drive technology, was organized by the large-scale organization of cranes, the creators of the "smart giant helpers", the victim's expanse.

The seminar was attended by about thirty representatives of crane factories, who had the opportunity to deeply study the drive equipment of the company SEW-EURODRIVE for the crane industry, met with the specialists of the company SEW-EURODRIVE and with colleagues from other companies in the industry, and also discussed topical issues of using drives for cranes.

It is worth noting the fascinating interactions and lively debates with the speakers of the seminar. The exchange of experience during conversations, as well as the consideration of non-standard situations that were not part of the program, but had a rather significant significance among the audience, allow us to consider technical issues from a different angle and open new horizons.

The program presented a new type of motor-gearboxes for crane crane drives, which undoubtedly impressed and aroused the interest of colleagues. The options that SEW-EURODRIVE recommends for crane actuators were considered. A very important topic was the analysis of the failure of the motor-gearboxes, the search for the causes of failures and the resolution of these issues.

On the second day of the seminar, general attention was paid to the important topic “Electronics”. A large amount of information about frequency converters, features of their use in cranes, selection methods, new types of frequency converters, as well as a detailed overview of tools for selecting and checking the frequency converter.

A separate item I would like to mention the considered examples of special solutions for cranes:

  • anti skipping;
  • adaptive lift;
  • different synchronization versions;
  • DC linking, etc.

A visit to this event left only positive emotions among the specialists of the Kyiv Crane Machinery Plant LLC. The experience gained will definitely be taken into account in a professional way!