КЗПТО 11 лет

Kyiv Crane Machinery Plant LLC – 11 years of success and growth

Dear colleagues and partners, dear friends!

With all my heart I congratulate all of you on the 11th anniversary of the founding of the Kyiv Crane Machinery Plant LLC!

In this rather short period of time, our team of several people who carry out one-off projects has grown to a stable, reliable and professional company that has received recognition at the state level.

We always set ourselves ambitious goals and successfully overcome all obstacles on the way of our development. The constant improvement of knowledge and skills by our employees has created a team of real, modern professionals in their field, which is expanding and growing every year.

We have developed excellent professional and truly partnership relations both within the team and with our clients. They are based on mutual understanding and mutual respect.

I am sincerely grateful to you for your daily well-coordinated productive work, inexhaustible energy, new ideas, sparkle in your eyes and willingness to change. Thanks to all of you, we are one of the leaders in the crane building industry in our native Ukraine!

I wish our plant further prosperity, and each of you is always happy to come to work and get real pleasure from our common cause. May love, happiness and prosperity reign in your families, and each new day brings new positive emotions!

Each of us still has many new unconquered peaks ahead, which we will surely overcome together on the path of our development!

Best regards
General director
Alexey Sevastyanov