оказания первой помощи ОККУ

Our employees are now ready to provide first aid in a qualified manner

According to statistics, about 90% of suddenly dead people could be saved if they were immediately given first aid. The human body is a very tenacious system, and in most cases, doctors can bring it back to life. However, the problem is that those people who are close at a critical moment often do not know how to properly help a person in need.

That is why the management of the Kyiv Crane Machinery Plant LLC decided to send a group of our employees to classes on a special first aid program conducted by the Red Cross Society of Ukraine. Such courses are designed to teach the urgent implementation of therapeutic and preventive actions, which are urgently needed in various accidents and sudden illnesses.

How important and relevant the program of courses at which our colleagues attended can be judged by its content:

  1. Principles of first aid (examination of the scene of the accident, initial examination of the victim, rules for calling the ambulance, first aid).
  2. Recovery position.
  3. Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (adult, child, infant).
  4. Assisting a victim with partial obstruction of the airways. Testing the reception of Heimlich.
  5. First aid for bleeding.
  6. First aid for wounds and burns.
  7. First aid for injuries (bruises, dislocations, fractures). Transport immobilization. Transportation of the injured.
  8. Help with other emergency conditions.

Useful skills are available to everyone!

As our employees were able to verify during the classes, there are different situations in which there is an urgent need for first aid to victims. However, the list of such typical cases is limited. And anyone can learn the necessary skills if desired. However, it is impossible to independently learn to provide first aid.

It is possible to achieve a good result only by training with a highly qualified instructor, not only perfectly possessing the corresponding theoretical knowledge and practical skills, but also able to convey everything necessary to his students in a short time. Participants in the course were able to make sure that providing first aid is actually quite easy: after all, even a few simple necessary actions can actually save a person’s life.

In the process of training, our colleagues received clear and understandable information on actions in various unforeseen situations where there are injured people, and gained practical skills in providing first aid in accordance with modern European standards. They learned not only to provide first aid to the injured and sick, but also to clearly introduce the ambulance representatives to the current situation.

In all cases, the teachers gave comprehensive answers to students' questions, clearly demonstrated how to act in certain cases, talked about various non-standard situations that occurred in their practice. Thus, our employees literally in one day received the necessary theoretical and practical knowledge, gained confidence in their abilities and determination, which would not let them get confused in an extreme situation. At the end of the training, each of them received a corresponding certificate of international standard, recognized in almost two hundred countries of the world.

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