КЗПТО Киевская десятка 2021

Kyiv Crane Machinery Plant team took part in the track and field race “Kyiv 10K 2021”

On the occasion of the Day of Physical Education and Sports on September 12, the Kyiv 10K 2021 track and field race took place in the Ukrainian capital. The Kyiv Crane Machinery Plant team once again took part in the 10 km race. The conditions were quite strict: the limit for overcoming the distance was 90 minutes, who did not manage to reach the finish line during this time, he is considered to have dropped out of the competition.

The athletes started at 9 o'clock in the morning from the Olimpiyskiy National Sports Complex, from there their route ran along Saksaganskogo Street and Pobedy Avenue to the park of the Kyiv Polytechnic Institute - there they turned around and ran back to the NSC. It should be noted that for the safety of athletes along the entire route of their movement, according to the order of the Kyiv City State Administration, traffic was blocked.

The participation of representatives from many regions of Ukraine demonstrated the great interest of joggers in this event, which became a real great holiday of sports and, at the same time, a healthy lifestyle. Everything was dynamic, energetic and very beautiful. First, before the start, our guys and girls had an active warm-up.

All our employees ran very well! Everyone has a great desire to get to the finish line, no matter what. But in any case, everyone knows the Olympic principle: the main thing is not victory, but participation. The support group warmly welcomes our heroes after the finish. All of them are awarded by the organizers of the Kyiv 10K 2021 rally with unique commemorative medals. Taking photos of noticeably tired, but happy and joyful runners - our colleagues - as a souvenir.

And they are all ready for new achievements - both in sports and in production!

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