Кран мостовой грейферный

Grab crane for solid fuel boiler room

In March of 2016. together with Swiss experts has been launched in Ukraine, the first solid-fuel boiler. An important role of the whole technological cycle, namely the loading of biomass (wood chips) in the combustion tank carried grab crane produced by «Kyiv Crane Machinery Plant LLC».

Faucet with the following characteristics was manufactured and assembled in cooperation with Bulgarian partners:

  • lifting capacity 5,0t;
  • grapple lifting height - 7,0m;
  • span - 16,7m;
  • lifting gear - electric hoist cable type 53MT525h2 H7 4/2 production Podem (Bulgaria);
  • crane traveling mechanism - the end of the beam-type G 2250-2500-V1 production Podem (Bulgaria);
  • lifting speed - 0,8 ... .8,0 m / min (frequency inverter);
  • grab speed circuit - 0,8 ... .8,0 m / min (frequency inverter);
  • the speed of movement of the trolley - 2.0 ... 20.0 m / min (frequency inverter);
  • the speed of movement of the crane - 3.0 ... .30,0 m / min (frequency inverter);
  • current supply to the truck - cable on the hard profile;
  • current supply to the crane along the shop - the cable on the hard profile type Festoon;
  • management grabbing crane - Lever radio control;

To ensure a smooth lifting and lowering, circuit grab and move the trolley and crane specialists «Kyiv Crane Machinery Plant LLC» were applied frequency converters brand Schneider Electric (France) c braking resistors. The use of frequency inverters excluded load sway and significantly reduced the load on the crane steel structure and mechanical equipment.

Thanks to detailed outage installation and commissioning took place in the shortest possible time. Statistical and dynamic tests confirmed the reliability of the bridge crane grab BCg-5,0-16,7-7,0-A7.
Crane put into use, has been registered and delivered to the customer.