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Modern grab crane of the Kyiv Crane Machinery Plant for an incineration plant using Schneider Electric automation

Kyiv Crane Machinery Plant together with specialists from Schneider Electric Ukraine, successfully completed a project for the manufacture, delivery and installation of an automated grab bridge crane for the Kyiv waste incineration plant «Energy». The largest Ukrainian manufacturer of lifting cranes Kyiv Crane Machinery Plant and Schneider Electric Ukraine specialists ensured the reliable operation of the crane, designed a comfortable cab for the operator, developed an automated grab control system, implementing the EcoStruxure concept. EcoStruxure – is a Schneider Electric platform that enables complete interoperability of various components and levels of an automation system.

Kyiv Crane Machinery Plant takes 1st place in Ukraine in terms of sales volume and the number of cranes produced, produces reliable and high-quality crane equipment and creates modern lifting technological solutions. Schneider Electric has many years of experience in implementing innovative solutions in various industries, so cooperation in this project was successful for the end customer, in the first place. Yes, the Energy Plant received a grab crane with modern Schneider Electric electrical equipment. The implemented control systems ensure the safe smooth operation of all crane mechanisms, as a result of which shock loads on the gearboxes and the metal structure of the crane are excluded, its service life is increased, the accuracy of crane control is increased and the load on the energy network of the enterprise is significantly reduced.

The control system is built on the basis of an industrial controller of the Modicon M241 series using a specialized library "automatic grab", which allows in semi-automatic mode to grip the load, move it and unload it in the required place. In this case, the operator controls the grab using only one joystick. Load distribution to the hoist and lock drives is automatic, making work easier and faster.

Altivar ATV930 variable speed drives with an ATV Regen recuperation module were also supplied, which reduced energy use in the plant.

The operator's seat is equipped with a Harmony HMI for monitoring the electrical status of the crane.

«All major OEMs choose Schneider Electric equipment for their projects. Together with Kyiv Crane Machinery Plant, we ensured the uninterrupted and safe operation of the clamshell grab crane during the selection and shipment of the ash and slag mixture. After successful tests, the crane was run-in for 32 hours and was put into operation on time», comments Pavel Pilipenko, Director of the Industry Department.

«Thanks to our partnership with Schneider Electric, we are able to equip cranes with modern electrical equipment and guarantee our Customers the highest quality, efficiency and reliability of crane equipment. Technologies, programs and services based on Schneider Electric electrical equipment allow Ukrainian enterprises to significantly increase the degree of automation of lifting and transport operations and more efficiently manage crane equipment», – said Oleksiy Sevastyanov, Director of the Kyiv Crane Machinery Plant LLC.

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