Крановые эстакады и мостовой кран

A set of services for the manufacture of crane overpasses and bridge cranes

For one of the branches of the Ukrainian railway, our plant provided a range of services, namely:

  • design of crane overpasses;
  • designing cranes for the tasks of the customer;
  • manufacturing and installation of crane overpasses;
  • manufacture of cranes, their installation and commissioning, followed by commissioning to the customer.

The design and manufacture of crane overpasses was completed as soon as possible, in full compliance with all standards and building rules. The main objective of the manufactured cranes is the lifting and moving of wheel sets, including their supply to the machine. To lift the entire wheelset assembly, tandem operation of two hoists at the same time is necessary. To work with loads weighing up to 3.2 tons, each hoist is used individually, which is controlled using a separate control panel (cable or radio remote control at the choice of the crane operator).

Technical characteristics of single-girder bridge cranes

crane capacity3.2 t
crane span8,0 m
lifting height (distance from the floor level at the zero mark to the cut of the hook in its upper position)not less than 4 520,00 mm
rail head level from floor mark4 900,00 mm
distance from the floor to the top of the crane5 700,00 mm
lateral approaches of the hook (distance from the vertical axis of the level of the rail head to the hook)left side no more than 750 mm, right side no more than 950 mm
crane operation modeА5 (medium)
hook lifting speed4,0 m/min
hook lifting microspeed1,2 m/min
trolley speed20,0 m/min
trolley microspeed5,0 m/min
crane speed30,0 m/min
crane microspeed10,0 m/min
crane operating environment temperature-10˚ ÷ +40˚ С
span beamwelded box type
climatic performanceclimatic modification in a heated room
crane baseno more than 1600 mm
power network380 V, 50 Hz
control network48 V
crane control from the flooroverhead cable console; duplicate radio control.
crane powerno more than 6,0 kW
electrical equipmentSchneider Electric (France)
lifting gear and end beamsPodemCrane AD (Bulgaria)
hoist motorthree-phase asynchronous with a cylindrical rotor
hoist brakeelectromagnetic
power supply hoist and craneflexible cable on a rigid profile like Feston

The manufactured electric bridge cranes one-beam equipped with additional safety devices:

  • thermal protection of electric motors;
  • load limiter;
  • switches on-off mechanisms of raising and lowering;
  • switches for the movement of hoists and a crane;
  • emergency stop device, key-mark;
  • main contactor in the network;
  • phase control relay;
  • sound and light alarm crane operation.

After the installation of crane equipment was completed, together with the Customer’s representatives, it was registered with the State Labor Service and received a permit for operation.

At the time of delivery of the facility, the Customer was given a package of the following documentation:

  • passports for cranes bridge electric one-beam;
  • passports for individual crane assemblies (hoists and end beams);
  • instructions for installation and operation of cranes, as well as their individual components (hoists and end beams);
  • a set of documents for production work and equipment manufacturing.

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