Благодарность от волонтеров НВМКЦ «ГВКГ»

A letter of gratitude to the collective of the KZPTO from volunteers of the NVKMC “GVCG” and the wounded fighters of the ATO

General Director
Sevastyanov A. A.

№ 2 of 12.09.2017 year

Thanks to the team of KZPTO from the volunteers of the NVKMC "GVCG" and the wounded fighters of the ATU for their help in designing the wheelchair electric wheelchair

Dear Alexey Alexandrovich!

We are writing to you the volunteers of the National Military Medical Clinical Center "The Main Military Clinical Hospital" and the wounded ATU fighters, whom you and your team have been helping since the end of 2016 to design an invalid electric agricultural cart with a lift.

This cart is very necessary for our fighters with heavy injuries of the lower extremities, since the nature of such wounds almost forever makes impossible the full physical work of such a disabled person. Many of the guys went to serve from the countryside, where working on the ground is one of the main types of labor. Many of the seriously injured State provided land and for which it is necessary to move, plant, fertilize and harvest crops.

It would seem that such wounded soldiers can receive significant amounts of cash compensation and not work. But this is NOT for our guys! Young people do NOT want to be a burden to their loved ones! DO NOT want to feel limited in opportunities! They want to work together with everyone, get results, feel the joy of new victories over themselves and circumstances! Feel full of strength and super abilities!

This opportunity and hope for our disabled people is provided by the Kiev plant of lifting and transport equipment !!!

Let me express my deep gratitude to you in this letter, to all the employees of the KZPTO, for your attitude to the request for help. I would especially like to mention the engineer-designer of your enterprise Gulenko Anton Sergeevich. Despite the considerable workload in his direct duties, he found the time and opportunity to provide us with very professional assistance in developing the load-lifting and running parts of our bogies. Cooperating with him as a representative of the KZPTO, we, the volunteers and wounded children, were overwhelmed with pride that we in Ukraine have such people - professionals in their field! In addition, these people with such a strong sense of duty and are able to help others! We grew confident that thanks to such enterprises and people who work there our country will be able to "get on its feet" at last to live normally !!!