мостовой кран 10т

A 10-ton overhead crane was manufactured for a new metal production enterprise

For the new enterprise for the production of metal profiles at the Kyiv Crane Machinery Plant LLC, an electric bridge single-beam crane model KMO-10.0-10.9-7.0-A5 was manufactured.

The main technical characteristics of the crane:

  • carrying capacity - 10 t;
  • lifting height - 7.0 m;
  • crane span - 10.9 m;
  • lifting and lowering speed - 4 / 1.3 m / min;
  • speed of movement of the cart - 20 / 5m / min;
  • crane movement speed - 40/10 m / min;
  • group operating mode according to ISO or GOST - A5 (medium).

The basic equipment of the crane:

  • span bridge (box beam of welded construction) - manufactured by Kyiv Crane Machinery Plant LLC;
  • gear motors for moving and lifting - Podem (Bulgaria);
  • wire rope type MT - Podem (Bulgaria);
  • end beams - Podem (Bulgaria);
  • limit switch of movement of the crane;
  • trailer switch of movement of a waist;
  • thermal protection of the lift engine;
  • phase control relay;
  • light and sound alarm of the crane;
  • main contactor in the circuit.

The crane is equipped with frequency inverters, which will allow precise positioning during operation using the microspeed option, as well as reduce inrush currents on the motors and extend their service life due to smooth start-up. Power supply - closed trolleys.

Additionally, crane equipment is equipped with a load limiter, which will avoid overloading and failure of lifting equipment. Led lights mounted on the crane are switched on from the crane control panel and illuminate the working area.

After the crane was delivered to the place of operation, our employees installed it, and also carried out commissioning and all necessary tests within two working days. Now the new crane equipment is successfully used to unload materials and move them around the workshop, where various types of profiled sheets are produced.