Кран мостовой однобалочный подвесной

Single-girder suspended bridge crane for a foreign company

Production and installation of crane runways and single-girder suspended bridge crane g/n 5.0 length 17,0m for foreign companies for production of facade glazing systems.

The specialists of «Kyiv Crane Machinery Plant LLC» task was to examine the existing building structure and draft a suspended installation of crane runways length of 42 m for single-girder crane suspension electric lifting capacity 5,0t. According to the conditions of the production hall and the technical project of the Customer have been met:

  • diagnostics of existing building structures;
  • is it possible to install a suspended crane g/n 5,0t;
  • development of the project for installation of crane runways to existing structures;
  • manufacture of crane tracks suspended crane;
  • installation of crane beams and attachment points;
  • manufacturing suspension crane (crane) of the full length of 17,0m;
  • delivery of the crane to the site of the Customer;
  • mounting crane, start-up frequency of the crane drives and configure the crane safety equipment.

Our design department of the crane variant of execution was proposed with variable frequency speed drives. Installation radio frequency inverters and possible to eliminate rocking motion or at the beginning of the lifting and damage fragile goods, as well as to carry out the movement of the crane independent of the operator's location. Additionally, when completing the crane girder suspension limit reduced building heights were used, which allowed to significantly increase the height of the lifting crane and reduce the size.

By crane manufacture and installation of electric single-girder suspended bridge crane complete the specialists of «Kyiv Crane Machinery Plant LLC» leveling paths crane was produced, the routine tests with a load on the static and dynamic loads, issued a technical report on the crane installation work, as well as passport and approvals. The final stage of installation and startup of the crane in operation was the holding of the primary technical inspection, together with the expert-technical center Gosgorpromnadzora Ukraine.

The main parameters of the suspended crane:

  • single-girder suspended bridge crane single-speed ILC-5,0-17,0-6,0-A5;
  • lifting capacity 5,0t;
  • full length 16,8m crane;
  • console cranes 2 * 0.9m;
  • flight path bar box structure H = 700mm;
  • lifting height H = 6.0 m;
  • 0 ... lifting speed of 4 m / min (Mitsubish inverter company);
  • speed ​​hoists 0 ... 20.0 m / min (Mitsubishi inverter company);
  • the speed of movement of the crane 0 ... 30.0 / 10.0 m / min (Mitsubishi inverter company);
  • burton 4/1 hoists;
  • crane control - radio control / remote backup cable;
  • runway - double-tee beam type 45M L = 42m;
  • current supply to the hoist - type Festoon (cable trolleys with hard galvanized profiles);
  • electric hoist type MT 21 312 H10 V2 4/1 EN20SH (Podem, Bulgaria);
  • suspended end beams reduced the building height of type GV 5-15 (Podem, Bulgaria);
  • mode group - the A5 (middle).