Краны мостовые двухбалочные

Double-girder bridge cranes in earthquake-resistant design

For a plant to produce steel structures manufactured and installed double-girder bridge cranes KM-16,0 + 5,0-16,5-10,0 / 10,0-A5 g/n main lift 16,0t + 5,0t auxiliary recovery in earthquake-resistant performance.

For a plant to produce steel structures manufactured and installed cranes Two-girder bridge KM-16,0 + 5,0-16,5-10,0 / 10,0-A5 g/n main lift 16,0t + 5,0t with auxiliary lift work in tandem mode.
The main parameters of the bridge crane with an auxiliary lifting KM-16,0 + 5,0-16,5-10,0 / 10,0-A5:

  • load lifting main 16,0t;
  • auxiliary hoist lifting capacity 5,0t;
  • lift height 10.0 / 10,0m;
  • frequency drives, electrical and Schneider Electric crane control equipment;
  • current supply crane truck - Vahle;
  • radio control TeleCrane;
  • optical limit switches movement of the crane;
  • limiters of carrying capacity and limit switch on all equipment;
  • light and sound alarm;
  • earthquake-resistant design - 8 points.

The cranes are equipped with radio remote control system TeleCrane. Electric valves and control system allows to operate the valves in the "tandem" mode. Pulling the operator selects "Crane - 1", "Crane - 2" or "tap-tap-1 + 2" in tandem. This solution enables the lifting operations in different parts of the shop independently, or move large structure with two cranes simultaneously.
All lifting and moving mechanisms of cranes installed variable speed drive Schneider Electric (Altivar type)
Power management enables the crane along the trolley current lead gated Mobilis (France), food carts crane - mains connection cable to the hard metal sections such as Festoon (Vahle).
On cranes installed additional security from a collision - optical limit switches are activated when approaching the cranes. At the approach of less than 3 m - 1 is activated limit switch position with the transition to a lower movement speed at the approach of less than 1m - works 2 position limit switch on and off the movement of the two cranes.
Cranes have been static and dynamic testing and were put into operation.