Crane traverse

«Kyiv Crane Machinery Plant LLC» has the ability to design, manufacture, supply and installation of a standard traverse and traverse a special performance.

Traverse is a rigid sling in the form of a metal structure (trusses or beams). Depending on the load, the scope and the type of device traverses are divided into:

Linear traverse - designed for lifting and moving loads with lifting devices. Depending on the characteristics of the goods and the construction of the height yoke is divided into two types of attachment - the edges as well as the central element. Construction, and may be further agreed with the customer.

T-shaped cross member - designed for lifting loads of varying complexity having only 3 attachment points. At this load the load is distributed unevenly.

H-shaped cross member - designed for lifting 4 mounting points. This type of yoke is used for lifting the container, pipe, sheet steel vessel, a complicated design and construction, etc.

Traverses spreaders - designed for lifting and moving large capacity from 1,6t to 32,0t. As a rule this way and move the lift: containers, industrial equipment, vehicles, etc.

For more information, as well as the price of the traverse you can get by filling out the questionnaire.

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