Hand hoist

«Kyiv Crane Machinery Plant LLC» delivers the following manual hoists:

1. Hand hoist gear SCH

Hand hoists, chain, gear «SCH» are used for lifting and moving loads with low traffic flow in cramped conditions in the absence of power supply.

At acquisition hoist a cat this hoist can also be used to move the cargo monorail path I-profile.

Specifications hoists hand chain gear «SCH»

 Load capacity, kg1 0002 0003 0005 00010 000
 Lifting height, mот 1.5
 The traction force, H324330402430438
 Multiplicity chain hoist1/12/12/12/14/1
 The diameter of the chain element, mm667.11010
 Mass without chain kg10.516233969
 Overall dimensions, mm 
 Mass chain 1 meter lift kg1.

2. Hand hoist lever SLB

Hand hoists lever SLB used for lifting loads in confined spaces (when working in pits, trenches, etc.).

The rise of the cargo carried by the action of a lever mounted in the hoist. To work with the lifting lever hoist, the operator must be in the vicinity of the point hoist attachment.

Specifications hand hoists SLB:

 Load capacity, kg7501 5003 0006 0009 000
 Lifting height, mот 1.5
The force on the handle, Н140234363370375
 Multiplicity chain hoist1/11/11/12/13/1
 The diameter of the chain element, mm67.19910
 Weight, kg7.710.6202843
 Overall dimensions, mm 

3. Trolley hand lever SLB

Hand trucks, drive «SGT» allows you to move it to the hanging hoist with a load in the horizontal direction along the monorail path.

To move the load chain is set in motion by a man.

Specifications trucks hydraulically «SGT»

 Load capacity, kg1 0002 0003 0005 00010 000
 Lifting height, mот 1.5
Tractive effort, Н80140150170320
 Minimum bending radius, m11.
Weight without chain, kg1416243690
Mass chain 1 meter lift, kg12

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