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The bridge crane was manufactured for a glass manufacturing enterprise

Another bridge crane was manufactured at the «Kyiv Crane Machinery Plant LLC». The customer of this crane equipment was a large Ukrainian enterprise for the production of flat and reinforced glass, whose management thus decided to substantially optimize the work of their finished goods warehouse.

Main technical characteristics of the bridge crane:

  • lifting capacity - 3.2 tons;
  • lifting height - 10.0 m;
  • crane span - 16.5 m;
  • lifting-lowering speed - 0 ... 4 m / min;
  • trolley traveling speed - 0 ... 20 m / min;
  • crane moving speed - 0 ... 40 m / min;
  • group mode of operation according to ISO or GOST - A5 (medium).

Complete set of crane equipment

The main components are supplied by our regular partner - the Bulgarian company Podem:

  • cable hoist type MT;
  • end beams;
  • motor-reducers of movement and lifting.

Electrical equipment - manufactured by Schneider Electric (France). The span bridge, which is a welded structure box girder, was manufactured at the «Kyiv Crane Machinery Plant LLC». Electric cable and busbar supply systems to the crane - flexible cable with carts on the cable. The crane can be operated both with the help of the radio control system and with the use of the pendant joystick.

Considering the certain fragility of glass products (even when it comes to reinforced glass), the designers of our plant understood that it was necessary to manufacture a crane that would ensure maximum smoothness of lifting and moving loads, completely eliminating the possibility of damage due to jerks. For this, it was proposed to equip the support valve with frequency inverters for all drive mechanisms.

In order to increase safety, the crane also has two-position limit switches for lifting-lowering and moving, load limiter and thermal protection of the lifting motor.

The new overhead crane is designed, manufactured and installed on site at the Customer exactly within the stipulated time frame. After installation and commissioning, comprehensive test tests were carried out, which demonstrated full compliance with the stated characteristics and high reliability of lifting equipment. Now this crane is successfully working in the warehouse of finished glass products.