Кран-балка опорная г/п 10т

Overhead bridge crane capacity 10t for enterprise for the production of profile sheets made of metal

A team of specialists of «Kyiv Crane Machinery Plant LLC» successfully and in time completed work on the fabrication and installation of overhead bridge crane capacity 10t for enterprises producing profiled sheets of metal.

The main parameters of overhead bridge crane (overhead crane):

  • overhead bridge crane one-speed-OBC 10,0-11,0-5,0-A5;
  • 10,0t load;
  • crane span 11,0m;
  • flight path bar box structure;
  • lifting height H = 5.0m;
  • lifting speed of 4 m / min;
  • speed hoists 20.0 m / min;
  • the speed of movement of the crane 30.0 / 10.0 m / min;
  • burton 4/1 hoists;
  • crane control - radio control / remote backup cable;
  • current supply to the hoist - type Festoon (cable trolleys with hard galvanized profiles);
  • electric hoist, made in Podem plant, Bulgaria;
  • bearing end carriages, made in Podem, Bulgaria;
  • mode group - the A5 (middle);