Козловой кран г/п 12,5т

Gantry crane capacity 12,5t span 32,0m delivery and installation

The specialists of «Kyiv Crane Machinery Plant LLC» was manufactured, supplied, installed and commissioned a gantry crane lifting capacity 12,5t.

After examining the purpose and specifics of the gantry crane, namely handling operations in the vicinity of the installation - SCP site storage timber, together with the engineering and design department decision crane delivery was made with the following characteristics:

  • lifting capacity gantry crane 12,5t;
  • lifting height - 8.5 m;
  • 32,0m span;
  • full length - 47,12m;
  • lifting gear - electric hoist cable type M732 production Podem (Bulgaria);
  • lifting speed 0,4 ... .4,0 m / min (frequency inverter);
  • speed hoist and cockpit - 2.0 ... 20.0 m / min (frequency inverter);
  • the speed of movement of the crane - 43.0 m / min;
  • current supply to the hoist - the cable on the hard profile;
  • control gantry crane - with cabin;

To ensure a smooth lifting and lowering, as well as the movement of the cab and hoist specialists «Kyiv Crane Machinery Plant LLC» were used frequency converters Schneider Electric. The use of frequency inverters excluded load sway and significantly reduced the load on the crane steel structure and mechanical equipment.

To ensure safe operation of the gantry crane the following safety devices have been applied:

  • load limiter;
  • limit switches for lifting / lowering and moving hoists;
  • sound and light alarm;
  • anemometer.

The detailed outage and high skill professionals «Kyiv Crane Machinery Plant LLC» lifting gantry crane with further installation and commissioning took place in the shortest possible time. Statistical and dynamic tests confirmed the reliability of the gantry crane GC-12.5. Crane put into use, has been registered and delivered to the customer.