козловой легкий кран

By order of an official representative of Caterpillar in Ukraine, a 5-ton gantry crane was manufactured

At the request of the company, which is the official representative of Caterpillar in Ukraine, the staff of the Kyiv Crane Machinery Plant LLC manufactured, installed and commissioned a gantry crane, which was necessary for the maintenance and repair of agricultural machinery for various purposes supplied to our country (tractors, combines, sprayers and etc.).

The main parameters of the gantry crane KKl-5.0-6.0-4.55-A1:

  • capacity - 5.0 t;
  • crane span - 6.0 m;
  • crane construction height - not more than 5.45 m in the highest position;
  • working lifting height - 4.55 m;
  • hoist lifting speed - 4.0/1.3 m/min;
  • hoist speed 14.0/3.0 m/min.

An electric chain hoist model 5CLF manufactured by PodemCrane AD (Bulgaria) was installed on the crane as a lifting mechanism. The method of moving the crane is manual (on a wheeled drive), while swivel wheels with a pad and a brake with a polyurethane coating are used.

Before shipment to the customer, this crane equipment passed the control assembly and acceptance tests for static and dynamic loads, after which it was delivered to the installation site. To date, the gantry crane successfully performs all the tasks, thereby speeding up and simplifying the process. In particular, the crane is used for dismantling and assembling engines, cabs, wheels and other large-sized components of special equipment.

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