Подвесной кран г/п 5,0т

Overhead crane capacity 5,0t for plant recycling

Plant recycling (wood waste into clean fuels) was manufactured and mounted outboard overhead crane capacity 5,0t length 14,0m.

The main parameters of the suspended crane ILC-5,0-14,0-12,0-10,0-A5:

  • load capacity - 5,0t;
  • span crane - 12,0m;
  • full length - 14,0m;
  • lifting height H = 10,0m;
  • lifting speed of 6.0 m / min;
  • speed ​​hoists 20.0 m / min;
  • crane traveling speed of 20.0 m / min;
  • electric hoist type 5 MT 312 H10 V6 4/1 SN 21 20 SH ( "Podem" Bulgaria);
  • the end of the beam-type GV-5,0 ( "Podem" Bulgaria);
  • span bridge - welded box-type beam;
  • crane control - with pendant / radio remote control;
  • current supply to the hoist - Cable type Festoon;
  • current supply to the faucet - Festoon cable type;
  • limit switches lifting-lowering hoists;
  • limit switches move hoists and cranes;
  • load limiter;
  • visual and audible alarm.

Main components 5.0 KMP-tap, as well as many others are constantly in stock company «Kyiv Crane Machinery Plant LLC», which allows us to carry out manufacturing and delivery as soon as possible, since the approval of all specifications and requirements with the customer.

Before shipping equipment has been tested and a control assembly in our production. Due to this for two days beam crane g/n 5,0t was installed and tested. High quality equipment and assembly served as a solid foundation for the development of mutually beneficial and long-term relationships. To date, the Commission 5,0-14,0-12,0-10,0-A5 fulfills all requirements of the Customer earlier planned, thus speeding up the whole process of production.